What Makes Us Different


Watch out, Jersey Mike’s: Togo’s “True to the Sandwich” eateries are fast gaining market dominance in California and spreading beyond. We now have close to 200 restaurants open or under development in five states, including Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, as well as California.

You have to stand out to build a fast-growing franchise, and the Togo’s franchise stands out in product quality, customer service, operational support, and innovation.

Different in Product Quality

From the beginning, the Togo’s franchise has been “True to the Sandwich,” and our definition of a “true sandwich” has been:, big in size and flavor, and filled with only the highest-quality ingredients. Even our breads are made in the classic artisan style and our avocados hand mashed daily in store.

Different in Service

Customer satisfaction is always Togo’s top priority, and consistently satisfied, guests make an enjoyable experience for franchisees and restaurant crew as well. (In fact, most of our current franchisees first got to know Togo’s as loyal customers.)

Putting each guest first has taught us the value of staying flexible, which was a key factor in meeting the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition from catering-heavy service to a curbside-and-delivery-based business. Such innovations as curbside pickup, tamper-resistant packaging, and our already-in-progress “3.0” brand refresh enabled us to keep the Togo’s franchise going strong through 2020 and 2021. In fact, sales in 2021 are even higher than those of the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

Different in Operational Support

People are the key, and Togo’s success means putting people first. We make a point of ensuring that every Togo’s restaurant is the best place to eat, best place to work, and best franchise to own. Being a Togo’s franchisee provides the opportunity for not only high sales and revenue, but a daily business experience that makes that revenue feel worth earning.

Our secret is communication and hands-on training. We provide operational support expertise worthy of the largest companies, and Togo’s franchise business consultants stay in regular contact with our franchisees to ensure that all operational and financial concerns are promptly resolved. On the individual-restaurant level, too, we place priority on ensuring that franchisees and all crew members are noticed, respected, and valued as individuals.

Different in Innovation

As in-person business resumes, Togo’s franchise continues to keep up with guest needs and preferences. We’re especially proud of our app, our self-service ordering kiosks, and our sandwich-assembly “Speed Line” that enables restaurant crew to quickly and accurately assemble each sandwich as a team with a line of sandwich-fixings stations.

To celebrate 2021 as our 50th anniversary year, we’ve recently introduced another innovation for new-to-Togo’s franchisees: our Development Incentive Program will reward the first ten franchisees who complete their first store agreements by December 31 and their first location lease(s) by March 31 (2022), awarding each a 50 percent reduction on their initial franchise fee. In addition,  each restaurant will pay 50 percent less in royalties for its first 12 months of operation.

Whether a Togo’s franchisee is new to our brand or has been with us for years, now is a great time to open new restaurant locations and make long-term plans. We’re different and proud of it: different in ways that keep us successful, sustainable, and growing!

About Togo’s Eateries, LLC

Since our founding in 1971, Togo’s has specialized in being True to the Sandwich and in making our products fresh and delicious—not to mention providing outstanding and innovative customer service. Our franchisee application process is now easier than ever. Questions? Contact Obed Hernandez at 615.605.0703 or Obed.Hernandez@Togos.com.