Team Togo’s Success Pyramid


Togo’s has been a West Coast icon for 50 years, and we now have close to 180 restaurants and growing. Our secret to success is a three-level “pyramid” that starts at its foundation with our mission, values, and culture.

Togo’s mission is to Enrich the Lives of Others starting with our People at the base of the pyramid who, in turn, spread that enthusiasm to our Guests, our Vendors, and our Franchisees. Togo’s believes the outcome of these synergistic efforts is to become the best place to work, best place to eat, and best place to own.

Togos Pyramid

Best Place to Work

We keep our crew members happy with, and committed to, their jobs through:

Hands-on training. A focus on exceptional service benefits not only the guest, but the worker as well: everyone likes to know what’s expected of them. That’s why we emphasize training and ensure that our people get adequate support from day one.

Close-knit work environment. We have operations expertise worthy of a large company, but when it comes to the individual restaurant and its crew, we understand the value of an “everybody knows everybody” atmosphere. Everyone working at a Togo’s feels noticed and heard as an individual, so they’re engaged and cheerful workers passing the close-knit attitude on to guests.

Well-maintained restaurants. We make sure every Togo’s restaurant is kept clean, up-to-date, and an all-around attractive place to spend every workday.

Best Place to Eat

We get guests to thoroughly enjoy their experience and coming back for more through our:

Friendly atmosphere. When crew members are happy and engaged, guests remember the friendly attention and the glad-to-have-you atmosphere at least as much as they remember the amazing food. A crew that enhances the guest experience means a steady stream of repeat guests—and of new guests who hear about us through recommendations.

Quality product. Acknowledging the importance of atmosphere hardly discounts the value of a delicious meal. Togo’s has been “True to the Sandwich” since our beginnings 50 years ago: from bread to toppings, we use only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. (And lots more of them than the other guys, on every sandwich!)

Convenience. We stay up to date on customer needs to make it fast and easy to order online, with our App, or in-store with our self-order kiosks.  The new speedline assembly operations make orders placed from anywhere ready when you are and the new décor and ambiance make it an enjoyable and relaxing visit to our restaurants.

Best Franchise to Own

We ensure our franchisees stay successful and satisfied through:

Ongoing support. Our franchise business consultants are in regular contact with our franchisees, ensuring that all operational and financial questions receive prompt answers. We’re all on the same team, and your success is our success.

A people-centered atmosphere. As already noted, the Togo’s brand is characterized by cheerful crew members and quality customer service, which guarantees a steady stream of happy repeat guests. This makes every Togo’s restaurant a popular business to run and place to own.

Strong Returns. For all the above reasons and more, Togo’s stands out among sandwich franchises for high sales and maximized potential. Our brand is expanding rapidly and exploring new market territory throughout the West. For anyone interested in the restaurant business, Togo’s is definitely the best place to own!

About Togo’s Eateries, LLC

Founded in San Jose in 1971, Togo’s now has over 180 locations open or under development, and the growth shows no signs of slowing. We pride ourselves on staying “True to the Sandwich” (the big, fresh, meaty sandwich made from top-quality ingredients) and on putting people first. If you’re interested in joining us as a franchisee, contact Obed Hernandez at 615.605.0703 or