What’s New At TOGO’S


The social-distancing days of 2020–2021 meant increased business for most restaurants that provided carry-out and delivery, but some chains adapted more effectively—and grew faster—than others. As a fast-casual sandwich brand, TOGO’S is doing better than Subway: our sales have grown by at least 13% in each of the last six months. We now have close to 200 restaurant units and recently opened our first store in Las Vegas with 7 more in Nevada on the way .

Subway vs Togo's

TOGO’S Sandwiches in Livermore, California on November 25, 2020. (Photo by Cali Godley)

Fifty years of successful operations in California and neighboring states haven’t tempted us to rest on our laurels. We believe that putting the customer first means keeping up with the needs of the market and staying flexible, an approach that allowed us to quickly adjust during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the catering business declined with the shift to work from home,  sales transitioned to a model almost entirely dependent on individual sales with a third of those orders being placed offsite through online orders or delivery service providers like DoorDash, Through it all, TOGO’S adapted to the needs of its operators and guests. We integrated off site orders through our existing POS system, simplified our App for online-ordering and delivery options, introduced curbside pickup, and added tamper-resistant seals to our bags for added guest safety.

TOGO’S is still moving ahead in customer-friendly innovations. Here’s a peek at what’s new.

New Look

TOGO’S was hard at work on our “3.0” brand refresh even before the challenges of 2020, unveiling our first “new look” updates in 2019. Besides the most obvious changes—brand logo, packaging, and crew uniforms—we have added self-order  kiosks and updated the restaurant decor to create a more modern atmosphere. And for greater efficiency and accuracy, we now use a “Speed Line” layout to pass each order down the ”fixings stations” assembly line rather than making a single crew member responsible to fully assemble each sandwich. 

New Order-Filling Systems

As already noted, TOGO’S has added curbside pickup and streamlined our online-ordering system. We have also integrated our POS system with third-party delivery platforms to ensure greater efficiency and minimize the risk of errors.  Customers choose how they prefer to place and receive their orders, and TOGO’s is ready to do it their way.

New Technology

Besides in-store kiosks and easy online ordering, TOGO’S offers a mobile app that is simple and user-friendly. All these and more are integrated into our operating model to ensure that customer service is fast, convenient, and friendly in every way. 

There are a few things that haven’t changed. We’re still providing big, meaty and delicious sandwiches. We’re still emphasizing serving customer needs. And thanks to such excellent food and service, we’re still building legions of raving fans. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and satisfied customers are loyal customers, which is great for our franchisees, their store team members and the TOGO’S brand.

TOGO’S will stick with our core values as we continue to grow and meet new challenges. If you’re a Western U.S. entrepreneur wanting to join up with a great fast-casual restaurant brand, there’s room for you in our family of franchisees.


TOGO’S is an established, 50-year-old brand positioning itself to produce maximum ROI for our franchisees as we begin our next 50 years. To learn how to open your own TOGO’S, or to ask additional questions, call Janice Spencer (925.250.0399). Or send an email to Janice.Spencer@Togos.com.