True to the Sandwich



TOGO’S has a strong history of innovation, quality, and success. What began as a local shop has grown into something widespread and thriving. When you join the TOGO’S team, you’re signing on for a fun and richly fulfilling adventure.

The TOGO’s brand is built on a solid foundation. Their mission is to enrich the lives of others by being:

The best place to work

The best place to eat

The best place to own

We dominate our market niche with the unrelenting message of quality, value, and service. We always strive to make the best, even better. The Brand Promise is simple: True to the Sandwich.

But just what does “True to the Sandwich” mean?

Our simple values drive us forward, and we offer three commitments to our customers and employees. These are the goals we strive to achieve with every TOGO’s location:

Togo’s holds itself to a higher standard than our competitors

Togo’s serves amazingly delicious food with generous portions

Togo’s passionate people provide a fun and engaging experience

First and foremost, our quality and portions are unmatched. In addition to quality food, we offer a quality experience. The culture at every TOGO’S is welcoming and fun. The team is professional and effective while offering the best in convenience – our sandwiches are easy to get in store, online, or delivered.

With this in mind, the foundation for future growth is now firmly in place. High quality, great flavor, huge portions, fast and engaging service that gets the customer involved in the process – that’s what we’re all about.

Our Longevity

As a college student at San Jose State University, our founder Mike Cobler bought a little sub shop in 1971. He soon transformed it into TOGO’S Eatery. We are still based in San Jose 50+ years later with 180 locations open and under development. Our systemwide sales exceed $100MM annually.

We Have a Cult Following

We are well-known in the West and have a cult-like following. This is thanks to our quality piled-high sandwiches and top-notch service.

“Fast service, not fast food.” This motto is what helps the TOGO’S team provide all customers with a premium experience. When you come to a TOGO’s, you’re served quickly, and you’re served quality food.

Classic Sandwiches with Innovation

While everyone loves a good classic, it’s also fun to try new things and discover new flavor combinations. For example, Togo’s may have been the first to popularize avocado and turkey sandwiches.

We have many examples of our constant, exciting menu development in recent years:

Steak, Chicken & Pastrami Cheese Steaks

Caprese Chicken, Italian & Veggie

Hot Chicken Sandwiches

Hot Pretzel Sandwiches

We’re always looking for ways to provide new flavors to our guests, and the success of our cheesesteak line is just another example of that,” said Anna Nero, SVP of Marketing for TOGO’S. “This Pastrami Cheese Steak combines our most popular ingredient with a dialed-up cheese steak flavor profile!”

The quality and freshness of the bread is the single most important ingredient in a sandwich. This always remains a focus. Without fresh bread, it hardly matters what’s inside as it won’t be nice to eat. With fresh and delicious bread, however, the sandwich levels up from good to absolutely amazing.

Focused on Success

Team TOGO’S = Win-Win partnerships between all stakeholders!

One of our recent wins has been the introduction of TOGO’S 3.0 design which kicked off in April 2019. This brand transformation began by reimagining the entire design and operation. The result was the incredible “speedline stores.” We accomplished this while staying true to the notoriously generous portions of our sandwiches.

This initiative has led to an increase in sales of 15%- 20% because the customer experience is faster and easier.

Join our Team Today!

Team TOGO’S offers superior support for our franchisees. This includes Pre-Opening, Construction, and a dedicated Franchise Business Coach who helps make connections with the entire TOGO’S Support Team (marketing, information technology, supply chain, operations, etc.). This wonderful support team offers ongoing guidance and best practice implementation.

We are looking for results-oriented, passionate franchisees who want to sell a quality product. We want people who get pleasure from customers’ compliments, and who enjoy getting involved in the community.

The best operators are enthusiastic leaders who embrace our history and are excited to build TOGO’s future. They have Pastrami Fever!