Leadership Spotlight: Q&A with Glenn Lunde, TOGO’S CEO

TOGO’S is famous for its big, fresh, and meaty sandwiches and has over 160 locations open with 19 others under development throughout the West. TOGO’S offers an excellent opportunity for people who want to reap the benefits of owning a franchise business.

We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with TOGO’S CEO, Glenn Lunde, and are excited to share his insights.

How can you explain the rapid sales growth at TOGO’S?

TOGO’S has excellent momentum. We attribute the continued growth in sales to our experience in the industry. Our business model features an easy-to-operate restaurant and stands out in the competitive restaurant industry.

We have gone through a period of immense change. Our team and franchise owners have embraced transformations the marketplace demands. We must be inviting and easy to access. The clean, modern look of TOGO’S new design combined with technology and third-party delivery partnerships are critical to TOGO’S growth.

I believe TOGO’S has tremendous untapped potential that will move us forward and make us a world-class franchise.

How has your life experience made you who you are today in leadership?

I have been in the restaurant industry for over 30 years. My experiences with Taco Bell, Einstein Brothers Bagels, Round Table Pizza and Panda Express shaped me as a leader. I am well aware that I would not be where I am today without the teams who have supported me over the years.

I see TOGO’S as a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to operate a successful business. It offers fantastic food that I have loved since high school growing up in the Bay Area and I’m excited to be shaping the future of the TOGO’S brand for the next generation.

How does TOGO’S maintain strong consumer market support?

TOGO’S has sold over 100 million pastrami sandwiches since 1971! We have an incredibly loyal customer base that goes back generations.

Quality is the hallmark of the TOGO’S experience and it’s one of the reasons we continue to attract new guests. Our big sandwiches are stuffed with high quality, fresh ingredients that burst with flavor. Customers know exactly what to expect when they walk through our door.

Since the beginning, happy customers have gone on to open their own TOGO’S franchise locations which reflects the fact that we offer something very special.

Our loyal fan base continues to grow and isn’t stopping as we expand into key markets across the west including Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington.

How is technology improving TOGO’S?

We are proud to offer the same great experience whether you are eating at a Togo’s location, grabbing your sandwich to go, or having it delivered. Togo’s embraces technology that makes us more convenient for customers and improves the bottom line for our franchise owners.

Our self-serve ordering kiosks in store, our online ordering and mobile App, as well as delivery service partners provide access to TOGO’S in every way imaginable.  We have integrated ourselves with back-office management systems that allow us to deliver fantastic food and great investment returns. Technology frees up time so we can focus on other aspects of the operation that add more value for our People and Guests.

What is the investment to open a TOGO’S location?

Before we talk about numbers, it’s important to know that we look first for partners who can lead a team, are passionate about delivering excellent service, and want to be involved in their community.

We’ve worked hard over the years to develop a business model that has a much lower relative  lower cost when compared to other quick-service restaurants.  In addition, financing options are available for those who might need more resources.

When you invest in a TOGO’S franchise, you can be certain our team is there to support you every step of the way. Team TOGO’S wants to ensure everyone, from a first time owner with one location to a seasoned multi-unit entrepreneur, is able to run a successful operation.

Parting Shot

So many great things are happening at TOGO’S. We are excited about our future as we push beyond our California roots and take The West Coast Original Sandwich Franchise to the next level.