TOGO’S is a Forward-Thinking Chain Taking Advantage of the New Normal


According to consulting firm Deloitte, food service customers are choosing the restaurants they order from by different criteria than before the pandemic.  Deloitte asserts there are three new factors at work, influencing customer purchase decisions are made, therefore altering how restaurants need to do business.  Those three new factors are convenience, digital, and safety

TOGO’S leadership saw this clearly and made aggressive moves to help franchisees prepare for this new normal.

TOGO’S Offers Customers Convenience

TOGO’S is a local neighborhood business. Franchisees locate within minutes of homes, apartments, places of work, schools, places of worship and other commercial enterprises.  

TOGO’S franchisees have taken advantage of 3rd-party delivery services and have integrated these services directly into their operating system and technology platforms to make it easy for the customer, franchisee, and delivery service to do business with each other. 

Customers are treated to a strong online ordering platform and mobile app ordering systems as well as user-friendly and labor-saving self-ordering kiosks. These changes have made ordering at TOGO’S a snap!

TOGO’S Leverages Digital Technology

TOGO’S customers and franchisees benefit from a best-in-class downloadable phone application and online ordering system.  TOGO’S clean and modern redesign seems to easily incorporate new platforms like our kiosk online ordering system. Customers have embraced TOGO’S new look and feel, and sales are up as a result.

Employee and Guest Safety Remains a Top Priority

TOGO’s employees and franchisees always wear masks in the restaurant and follow all local ordinances regarding safety protocols for Covid-19. In addition, guests can enjoy TOGO’S inside the store if permitted, or by choosing takeout from the store, curbside pickup, or delivery.  Furthermore, every order is served in sealed bags for extra safety.

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