Unlocking Opportunities: 5 Reasons to Invest in a TOGO’S Franchise and Ride the Wave of Sandwich Industry Growth


Capitalizing on Success: 5 Reasons to Invest in a TOGO’S Franchise and Ride the Wave of Sandwich Industry Growth – The VP of Franchise Sales & Real Estate explains why the sandwich franchise is an attractive option for franchisees and how they have already signed 15 agreements in 2022. by Katie Porter, 1851 Franchise Contributor

TOGO’S, a 160-plus-unit sandwich brand that is well-known and loved in the western United States, has offered entrepreneurs the opportunity to live out their dreams of business ownership with a highly attractive business model. Over its more than half-century in business, TOGO’S  has grown into a powerful competitor in the sandwich space and continues to grow and adapt to meet the needs of consumers.

The brand has set a goal to execute 23 franchise agreements in 2022 and has already signed 15 through September. TOGO’S is concentrating on multi-unit development in Nevada, where it expanded to the Las Vegas market last year and opened the first of many locations in Sparks, Nevada, in August to record sales. The franchise also signed a three-store agreement in Vancouver, Washington, which will be TOGO’S first new development in the Pacific Northwest in the last half-decade. The brand recently signed a three-store agreement in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California.

“We’re very excited about all the interest we’ve received that will allow us to continue to grow and fill in these markets,” explained John Dyer, vice president of franchise sales and real estate at TOGO’S.

Dyer shared a number of selling points that position TOGO’S as a great franchise investment.

Unlocking Opportunities: Open Space in Areas with Brand Recognition and Embracing the Sandwich Industry Growth

“TOGO’S is a brand that’s been around for over 50 years. It’s a company that, particularly on the West Coast and in California, has a lot of brand recognition and is well-known for having by far the best product quality,” said Dyer. “We’ve got a lot of great markets open in places where the brand has incredible, incredible recognition.”

The franchise was started in San Jose, California, and there is still plenty of white space open for franchisees to open a TOGO’S location in California and the neighboring States. These areas have an automatic pool of people who have loved and trusted the brand for five decades already.

The Sandwich Industry is Seeing Growing Demand

The sandwich and subs segment is a growing industry. IBIS World estimates the current value of the US market at $23.6 billion, and Technavio estimates the market will grow by $11.69 billion in value globally by 2025.

“I think in this post-COVID world, folks are looking for convenience, and sandwiches are a very easy item to pick up and grab for lunch or dinner on the go. Our model makes it fast and simple to do that with all the different ways you can access our product,” Dyer explained.

There is also growing interest in franchising with sandwich brands because of the flexible work hours the model offers and the simplicity of kitchen operations.

“No fryers and hoods required. It’s a much simpler operation to execute compared to a lot of the other franchise opportunities out there,” he added.

















TOGO’S Menu Has Superior Quality Sandwiches

“I think the product is number one. You just can’t beat our product,” Dyer claimed. “We have fresh artisan bread, and our sandwich specs call for much more meat than what you get at our competitors.”

TOGO’S uses hand-sliced premium pastrami, turkey and roast beef, and Hass avocados hand- mashed in-house daily. The franchise also offers hot sandwiches, including a line of chicken sandwiches and three different types of cheesesteaks.

The Brand Has a New Highly Efficient Sandwich Production Line

In the past, TOGO’S required a long training period for new employees because each one would make the entire order for each guest one person at a time like in an old-style delicatessen. To help with speed and efficiency, TOGO’S implemented a Speed Line system to build sandwiches, which simplifies training, improves employee satisfaction, and provides faster guest service.

“You can hire a new employee and quickly train them on each of the three sandwich stations: bread slicing and placing of the pre-portioned meats station, the hot meat station, and the veggie station. It enables us to have people be more productive more quickly because they don’t need to learn the entire menu right away,” Dyer said.

The Speed Line also works seamlessly with online orders and third-party delivery orders because both are integrated directly into TOGO’S POS system.

“Our ability to get people in and out has increased tremendously, but, more importantly, our restaurant has become a much easier and enjoyable place for people to work,” said Dyer.


















TOGO’s has Made Significant Technological Improvements

“We’ve also invested in a terrific App for folks to place orders online. It’s got a simple interface, and our loyalty program is woven into the App. It makes it really easy for folks to place orders, build loyalty points and achieve rewards,” Dyer added. TOGO’S has also added digital self- ordering kiosks as part of the Speed Line system.

The current initial investment for a TOGO’S franchise ranges from $216,500 to $451,500, which includes a $30,000 franchise fee. For more information, visit https://togosfranchise.com/. (2021 FDD)


TOGO’S Sandwiches was founded in 1971 in San Jose, California, by a young college student with a large appetite and a little money who was looking to make sandwiches the way he liked them— big, fresh and meaty. Today, that spirit of the founder and the original sandwich shop continues. Like the first days of the brand, TOGO’S products are still made with only the highest quality ingredients, including fresh artisan breads, hand-sliced premium pastrami, turkey, and roast beef, as well as Hass avocados, hand-mashed in-house daily. TOGO’S is a franchised business that offers entrepreneurs a terrific opportunity to own their own businesses. With over 160 locations open and under development throughout the West, the brand is a restaurant staying ahead of the pack. For more information, to find your closest TOGO’S location, or to order online, please visit www.togos.com.